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Salto is a delicious and outstanding food brand in Pakistan. From humble starting in a shop with a seating limit of 15, we appreciated the affection and backing that comes as a feature of the bundle when you address home. With our main goal to serve unquestionably the best and savory of food varieties, recognized exclusively by flavor and quality, Salto went from a nearby treat to a global endeavor, obliging palates all over the world. They don’t compromise with its quality. They pay extra attention which helps us to maintain international food safety standards, overall quality, and atmosphere. In the early years, the name of Salto was with their efforts today in 14 locations both internationally and nationally on which Karachi, Multan, Lahore. Their most popular dishes are frango chicken, beef burger, chicken burger, kids' meals, Manu meals, and many more. They are 86 dishes on their menu. Their starting price is 340 PKR and they also offer different deals.

Salto deals also provide an online order facility in Lahore. You have to visit their website or discountspk and search for your favorite dish and place the order. It offers different bank discount patterns. In its chicken frago deal, it gives a 20% discount, and you got a lot of food in only 1199 RS. Loaded fast are another deal and its starts from Rs 499 and it also has 15 others deals. Salto is linked with discountspk and it promotes its sales and advertisements. It gives 10% to 30% discount on different credit on its different burger deals. It also gives crispy chicken wrap deals which starting from Rs299 and so on. It also offers crispy rice and a petty burger. It also gives discounts deals on wings, chicken strips, and nuggets. It also offers different amazing deals on fries includes crispy fries, garlic Mayo, Nacho cheez, imli masala with and without Cold Drink, and many other food items at very low prices. In their deals many delicious and tasty dishes available like kids' meals, beef jalapeno, beef cheez burgers, beef mushrooms, and many more. The maximum deal price is 1199 PKR. We plan to stay and leaving the footprints that encourage our clients to love u.