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Our Data Protection Privacy Policy

Discountspk respects your privacy and secure your all data. It never uses your any kind of personal data without your consent. It always uses or regulate your data for positive purpose. Your personal data privacy is our priority. Please read carefully our all-privacy policy, terms and conditions.

What personal information we collect

We collect various data like title, your name, email address, phone number, postal and physical address, delivery address and login details.

Why we collect this information

  • We use this information for our courier services. So, in this way the parcel will reach you protectively and safely.
  • We use your data for payment purposes.
  • We also share your data to other franchises and they use your information in selling and purchasing products directly or indirectly.
  • We save your data for the detection of any fraud or site abuse in case of any queries.
  • We also save the domain information to increase the productivity od our website.
  • We have strict credit policy; your information is saved with us.

 Where we use this information

Your personal data privacy is important for us. Any kind of your personal data your name phone number, email address or any other data which relates to you, we never use it without your consent. We utilize your data just to enhance our website productivity and just to check your likes and dislikes regarding any product and we use this information for future use in case of any sale and purchase. We also do many surveys and also protects your survey information. Your data remain safe with us and if you find any problem with your personal information then you will easily contact with us through our agent.


When you browse or search something on our website, then we save your all browsing, personal information and cookies and use it only to enhance the work quality and services of our website.

3rd party disclosure

We protect and secure your information; we send your data to other franchises or any 3rd party just for positive purpose as we mentioned above and also arrange your data for further use.