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About Us

Discountspk is a consumer-friendly service provider website which was initiated in June 2020 and since then our website has been facilitating the online consumer market and brand market. Originally, we categorized our services in between two types of clients. We treat our consumer-ship as a potential market of clients likewise, we deal with the brands that are registered on our website as our clients cum friends. At our platform consumer relations with brands is heightened as we aim to provide ease to both of them at their doorsteps. Our services vary differently with consumers and brands but since our beginning we are providing free of cost services to our potential clients of brands and consumers.

Window shopping days, and wait for ending season sales are far gone by.Now, with Discountspk, every shopaholic can know which brands are putting up the sales and what brands are selling their favorites on mega sales and on favorable discount prices. brings nearly 600 brands’ discounts and sale offers to you with one simple click. This service is for customers ease and for smooth experience of online shopping so that they can enjoy hundreds of sale offers by different brands at one platform. Who does not want to save its time and money. We all want to that is why Discountspk came up with a platform on which customers can save their time and money. Viola! Smooth surfing of the brands’ deals and offers on our users’ interface is among the perks that are enjoyed by our customers. We wish you happy shoppingevery time.

Discountspk is also providing free of cost services to its potential brand market. We, therefore, influence the direct flow of consumer market to the renown brands of Pakistan.At our platform brands’ promotions, brands online marketing of sales and discounts’ promotion, direct interaction of brands and consumers,are all free-of-cost services .That is how, we have been able to establish trust amongthe brands and consumers. Our platform is inclusive to every brand of Pakistan as we respect equality. Thus, any brand whether it is a startup or the giant project of businessmen, entrepreneurs or brand marketing agents, can register themselves on our platform and can enjoy the free perks and advantages.