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DiscountsPk is a customer-friendly service provider website. Since its launch in June 2020, both the online consumer market and the brand market have benefited from our website. Our services are broken down into two categories: both consumers and brands. We consider both our existing clients and the brands featured on our website to be potential clients. On our platform, we want to make it as simple as possible for brands and customers to communicate with one another. Our services vary according to consumers and brands, and we provide free services to potential brand and consumer clients.

DiscountsPk's history and purpose behind its launch are not widely known. M.Dil Shad, the proprietor of DiscountsPk, holds a degree in information technology. After graduating, he started his first job as an assistant manager at Levi's in February 2019. While working there, he noticed that the company was unable to meet its sales target; however, when the promotion is shown, the company typically sees a lot of sales. However, individuals continued to demonstrate their ignorance of the sales even after they had concluded. As a result, as he was evaluating the situation, a thought showed up in his head: "Why shouldn't we create a platform that will inform people of the sales of all of their favorite brands under one roof?"

After that, he got to work on his idea for a platform where people could get information services about the brand's deals. However, he did not jump in haste. He hung tight for the ideal opportunity and was dealing with it consistently.

He thought about the investment after making the entire plan, quit his job at Levis in March 2020, joined the Italian ice cream company Ice8, and started saving money for the investments.

Furthermore, after all the battle, he began his web-based stage which is presently a famous stage for limits. The platform has been in existence for two years.

The days of window shopping and waiting for sales are over. Discountspk gives you information about which brands are having mega sales and which brands are selling their most popular products at attractive discounts. With just one click, Discountspk provides you with discounts and sale offers for nearly 600 brands. This service is provided for the convenience and smooth operation of online shopping by customers so that they can take advantage of hundreds of brand-specific sales offers and save time and money by using a single platform.