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About Us is a wonderful website that provides you the information of all brand promotion in Pakistan. It came into being in June 2020. don’t buy or sell anything, it just provides the genuine and accurate information of sales, promotions, and deals. Every brand needs promotion and advertisement and wants people to reach it quickly and go and buy from the same brand and let its brand be known all over the world so that its business grows well as soon as possible because there is no point in branding without advertising and promotion. How would anyone buy your brands products when they don't even know it? No one spends his money on something he does not know. So, solves all kind of problems regarding advertisement and promotion in free of cost. It gives awareness to people about your brand and also promotes and advertises your discount packages and it is a very reliable and authentic source to advertise your all discount packages and promotion and Offers and sales on brand . It is reliable in this sense that it does not promote any discount plan or package without the brand’s owner's permission and the best thing about this website is that it can promote only your genuine sales and also advertise your brand through social media is free of cost. It means with you boost up your business and grabs your customers free of cost. gives its services not only businessmen but also merchants. it can give services not only famous brands but also anonymous brands, they also help to advertise these types of anonymous brands and we work hard on it and introduce it to the people so that the business of these brands can run and people can know them well and can also purchase products from here and also advertise about their packages so that people can also take benefit from these brands. Our submission and registration process are very simple and reliable, we register your sales and other submissions after manual approval. we do not do self-promotions first we take permission from owner's and then we enlist it and the best thing our whole registration process is authentic, accurate, and free of cost. Our all sales, promotion, and deals are free but we charge on your all-new stocks promotion and advertisement and it is available in different packages plans and at very affordable prices. We promote and advertise your sales or deals promotions through social media. we use organic ways to advertise your deals we put ads on platform when customers click on that ads then they will automatically be directed to a specific website like discount on clothing brand, nishat sale alert. Here the same brand gave tension relieved packages like j. kurta prices, sapphire sale alert, online kurta discount. Brands celebrate eid sale on brand with new kurta sale. alert you about today sale Pakistan and also about the sale on brands today. is very useful and beneficial website because it facilitate your customers and give awareness about all brands and their discount packages and in this way it can save customer’s time and money because when they check deals on then they definitely estimate their money and if they get discount deals on time then they can save there a lot of money.