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Levi’s, the brand and 2022 Sales

About the Brand:

Levi's is considered to be the best brand of jeans for men and women in Pakistan and around the world. They have seasonal combinations such as spring, summer, autumn, and winter. His Ramadan or Ramadan collection was released to give Pakistanis stylish clothes for Eid, in line with the growing trend of wearing western clothes for holiday celebrations.
Levi’s is known for Blue Denim Jeans.  It’s famous internationally because of its unique designs and best qualities. Levi’s is in demand as compared to other brands all over the world. It’s a Jeans Brand for men and women. Also, in Pakistan Levi's is on top-level trending. 
Seasonal sale of Levi’s
The popularity of these designs is due to the variety of colors and washes that have been carefully selected for their devilish jeans. They also have sales for Valentine's Day with a 50% discount on all products and a 20% discount on new models. Seasonal sales are held in the winter with up to 40% off, including some models with a 35% discount. This discount is organized through the Big Friday Sale #LiveInLevis event.
The latest fabric technologies available, such as Shrink-to-Fit ™ and Water <Less, make Levis jeans strong and durable. It is a popular choice among young people, university students, and working professionals who are looking for modern casual wear. The Eid Sale offered by Levis offers a 50% discount on the entire range of stores and online.
Designs available for men
It is important to understand Levi's numerical codes for the design and style of jeans. The original pair of men's 501® jeans have a classic button instead of a modern zipper. Has a straight regular style straight leg and is tied around the waist. Over the years, the 501 became thinner, which gave them a more modern appeal without the use of narrower models.
Classic design
The more traditional style of jeans is straight and boot cut, which comes in three types: loose, comfortable, and sporty. Each accessory has unique features that provide comfort, style, and pocket distribution. Each code number describes the overall fit, waist height, inner seam, and leg structure.
Modern style
More modern jeans are skinny, slim, and taper, a blend of cotton, polyester, elastane, and denim fabric giving them a shape that makes them stretch better for individual fit.
Designs for women
The size of women's jeans depends on the size of the waist, hips, and thighs. There are super thin, slender, and slender styles with medium and high waists. Women prefer medium, as it strengthens the figure and absorbs unwanted belly fat. Straight leg designs are more comfortable and can be ideal for active leisure and daily wear combined with a high waist. Jeans are versatile as a clothing item, as they can be worn with high heels or comfortable to wear every day with shoes.
The Classic 517 ™ Boot Kit and the 527 ™ Slim Boot Kit are ideal for older women who want to look comfortable and formal at work. High-rise super skinny and skinny fashionable jeans that look urban and stylish, can be styled according to personal preferences. Jeans can be worn all year round in any season, especially in winter in Pakistan.
Jeans are available in Olive Brown and Harvest Gold Khaki, Medium Wash- and Pump-Up Wash in Brooklyn, Zapata Gray, and Black Stretch.
Levi’s and fashion industry:
Levi's has been serving for many years and always got its best position in the fashion industry just because of its extra hard-working choice of best designers as well as a perfect collection of fabric. The jeans that levis produce is always the first choice of its customers they first ask about the label Levi’s Jeans in some review by customers they said that Levi’s leather is long-lasting trending designs and comfortable to wear in both winter and summer season.
These are the main branches of Levi's in Pakistan serving to give us a grand discount from Levi's
  • Levi-Strauss-Co-Factory-List in Pakistan
  • Akhtar Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd
  • Combined Fabrics Ltd
  • Crescent Bahuman Ltd (CBL)
  • Dynamic Sportswear Pvt Ltd
  • Interloop Limited
  • Looptex Pvt Ltd
  • Masood Textile Mills (Eagle Div.)
  • Masood Textile Mills Limited (Cutting Division)
  • Masood Textile Mills Ltd. Garments Division
  • Nishat Mills Limited (Apparel Division)
  • US Apparel & Textile (Pvt) Ltd (Line 7)
  • US Apparel & Textile (Pvt) Ltd (Unit 2)
  • US Apparel (Pvt) Ltd. (Unit-5)
  • US Apparels & Textiles (Pvt) Ltd (Unit 3 & 4)