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What’s Trending Now in Pakistan

Pakistan has been Remarkable because of its Finest Traditional & Cultural dressing. Internationally people love these traditional dressings and getups. Western people always add our traditional dressing to their western culture and of course, it increases the beauty of their trends. Sometimes they wear our traditional jewelry with their western outfit it always improves the beauty of their looks; it becomes a trend in no time.

We all have known about the traditions of our 5 provinces but when we talk about the national level tradition, women are always in front of the screen of the fashion industry. Every other woman wants to look trending fashionable and it’s good to maintain yourself according to the trend. Pakistan has iconic designers who struggle to keep our country on top in the race of fashion industries internationally.

We are lucky to have the Culture and traditional look that is gradually adopted internationally.  Let’s have a quick review of the latest trend in Pakistan.

The trend for Women in 2022 :

  1. The use of Bold colors is the latest fashion in Pakistan:

Women these days in Pakistan use bold colors to look charming and attractive. Every woman and fashion lover is trying to catch up with bold colors for their parties.

  1. Flowy Gown:

As we all know Flowy gown is a favorite dress trend for weddings and parties. These gowns are fully decorated with embroidery and also worn by celebrities on different occasions.

  1. Short shirts/Medium length shirts:

A medium shirt is being always at the top of the list, it is worn with cigarette pants and tights that give our look a charm and decent style. It was a trend of the past but now it is again trending. The shirts are preferred by women for casual wear, parties, and weddings also. This season medium shirts with straight pants are the most adaptable fashion trend. We have a better choice if we don’t love flowy gowns.

  1. Chikankari straight cut shirt:

If you want to look better and trendier so have a look at the RJs Pret images and much more. Chikankari straight-cut shirts will give you a more charming look when you put on a dupatta tied with a contrast of straight pants.

  1. Trending Cigarette Trousers:

Cigarette trousers were in the 1950s and 60s but with unique cut and length, it is now more trending than in the 1950s and 60s.  We can maintain our looks with these trousers no matter what occasion is it looks perfect at every event.

  1. Statement dupattas:

Dupattas are always in our wedding dress trend just because our culture gave this beautiful gift to us so that without this our look always remains incomplete. Heavy dupattas with soft look dresses have been fabulous looks for any lady. Especially in weddings, a fully embroidered heavy dressing dupatta is compulsory to look perfect.

Trends for men in 2022:

  1. Vintage-inspired looks:

Men can wear old-school lather jeans to give spice to their look. The is again tending as vintage look for men & women both

  1. Vivid Colors:

Vivid colors are these days in trend, men can use bold colors Shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts Etc., with jeans, because the trending demand these days is at peak, colors like orange-yellow, electric blue, dark pink is usually worn by men everywhere.

  1. Retro Styles clothes:

As we discussed above; old fashions journey. Retro style is also adopted by the new generation because of its cool look mixture of new and old fashion is just attracting the new generation. Boys are impressed by the little dresses of the ’50s but they still ignore the full waist pants for their occasions.

  1. Relax fitted clothes:

Clothing and fitting must be according to sizes but these days; fitting is a trending fashion by boys. They want fitting that is relaxing for them. Relaxing fitted clothes are in every province of Pakistan as well as overseas.


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