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Food and cricket together: 7 Best Restaurants to Munch in PSL 2022 Season

If you are a sports fan, this moment has come to your ears. The Pakistan Super League is back, and it's time for us to get excited about it. PSL 2022 is one of the most awaited sports events.

 In Pakistan, the PSL is regarded as a big event. Everyone is aware of the event and will be excited to watch it live. Cricket fans have given a huge amount of attention to this event, and when it comes to celebrating the tournament, it's time for the celebrations to begin all around.

Food and Cricket

It is not just the food we eat but also the cricket that we watch. Taking a break from working for a while and watching PSL 2022 Season on TV can make all the difference to your appetite levels and stomach. Therefore, eating food while watching a game is an ideal way to have some nourishment. Many brands have started promoting PSL. They celebrate PSL, so they have started giving deals to their customers in PSL season.

We have gathered snacks that are just perfect for the event. Enjoying these snacks at the time of PSL 2020 will surely be a good idea! This article tells you about the 7 best restaurants where you can order food at home while watching PSL 2022.

Burger Lab

A burger lab is a fast food restaurant that sells the same meal every day with different ingredients. The process of cooking your meal is done so that it doesn't change much.

Burger Lab offers a 50% discount on selected items at their restaurant and online. It is the perfect opportunity for foodies!

So, if you want to try this experience, then now is your chance. You will get the Burger deep-fried bread with your order of fries and drink. So order now and watch PSL matches while enjoying your favorite burger.

  1. PSL Celebration deals include Dynamite Zinger Burger, Firehouse Fried Chicken (2pcs), Animal Fries Cup, Chilli Poppers, Ice Cream Shakes
  2. Daraz PSL Exclusive deal includes 3 Dynamite Zinger Burger, 2 Large Fries & 1 Ltr Drink in just Rs. 1,495.00

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut restaurant is a pizza chain based in the United States founded in 1959. The company is the world's largest fast-food company by volume. Pizza Hut is one of the most famous brands in Pakistan, and its popularity is unparalleled in the country. Their success level can be attributed to their service quality and low prices.

Pizza Hut is the world leader in serving hot and cheesy pizza to hungry customers. It is not just a pizza brand; it has many other products like pasta, salad, and sandwiches that satisfy its customers.

They started giving deals on PSL sessions to enjoy watching matches at home and eating meals. Pizza Hut offers a discount code on medium pizza at 40% off. There is a special deal on PSL session named "Knockout Deal," in which you can buy one and get one free for just Rs. 1279. So go and order from the link attached and enjoy your meal with PSL.

Broadway Pizza

Broadway Pizza is a restaurant chain in Karachi and Lahore that delivers authentic pizza every day at affordable prices. The company aims to raise the quality of its food and delivery service and get it recognized as a brand name in both cities. They have been started giving deals on their food due to PSL sessions. They know people enjoy food while watching cricket matches. So they are giving the two best deals.


It includes two 10 inches of Medium Pizza And two Sauces in just Rs. 1299.


It includes 20 inch Half Pizza, Chocolate Lava Cake with 2 Dip Sauces for just Rs. 1099.


McDonald's is an international fast-food company found in more than 140 countries. McDonald's has a long history of operating worldwide and is one of the largest global brands with over 2 billion customers. McDonald's is a brand known for its strong operational performance, high product quality and customer experience standards, and its focus on sustainability.

They are giving deals for PSL fans in collaboration with the Peshawar Zalmi team. The offer is here to make your PSL Season even better. A Peshawar Zalmi collaboration meal is a small dish served at a McDonald's restaurant in Pakistan. The main focus of this collaboration is to build on all the strengths that both brands have and further strengthen them, including product development for MacDonald's and further brand promotion by Peshawar Zalmi.

MacDonald's has launched a new Zalmi Wrap Meal, in which there is a delicious wrap and a drink for just Rs. 400. You can order through McDonald's app. It is limited time offer, so order now and enjoy this meal while watching PSL.


KFC has conquered a huge market share, with KFC and Quetta Collaboration which hit the fans and was loved by millions of mouth-watering fans. It is no surprise that people across different age groups have started craving it again.

KFC × Quetta collaboration is a partnership between KFC and Quetta Collaboration which conveys the message that no matter what brand you choose, you can always get the same quality food at a reasonable price.

The Gladiators Meal is an amazing way to feed your readers with the best-curated content from our editors, the content that you may not find anywhere else. Gladiators Meal presents different meal combinations to choose from and includes 2 Zingers, 2 Drinks & a Fries Bucket.


Cheezious is the brand of one of Pakistan's leading fast-food chains. The company has consistently delivered quality- and taste-based products to its loyal customer base.

Every time you watch a PSL match, you need to ensure that there's good food for everyone and ask your friends to bring their favorite Cheezious pizza and burger. So that they can eat and enjoy matches

Cheezious' customer service is excellent. They have different promotions like free drinks on your first order, free fries and salad on your second order, etc. They also have a discount club that gives them 25% off on their first orders using the promo code.