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Bestselling Makeup Brands in Pakistan

In Pakistan, local Makeup brands not only appear every day but also take over the cosmetics industry. They are becoming more popular and in high demand in the market.

Local Best Makeup brands are not only cheap but also eco-friendly, as the products do not need to travel to distant seas. These brands are constantly striving to improve product quality and variety. Perhaps, these products will soon start gaining international recognition.

  1. Medora
  2. Christine Cosmetics
  3. Luscious Cosmetics
  4. Bare + Epitome
  5. Zhoosh Official
  6. Alezem Beauty
  7. Masarrat Misbah
  8. Serenical Beauty
  9. The Rivaj UK
  10. BBA by Salman
  11. Zay Beauty
  12. Organic Traveller

1.     Medora:

Medora is a Pakistani Makeup brand that has recently gained popularity by offering cheap alternatives to high-quality brands like MAC. Although the company has been around for a long time, its new shades are advertised by beauty bloggers as the best way to buy more expensive brands.

Medora produces a wide selection of Best makeup Products like, lipsticks with matte, glossy, and glossy coatings.

Its matte lipsticks have become especially popular due to the increasing demand for matte products. Lipsticks are also durable, which means they can withstand the rigors of everyday life without fading. However, despite the many benefits, these lipsticks are extremely affordable which makes them a great choice for those who do not have a budget.

2.     Christine cosmetics:

Christine Cosmetics is a leading Pakistani Makeup brand that has been in the region for the past 10 years. Point Blank has been running its own social media for the past two years. We are proud to launch its social media and we have seen it grow over the last 2.5 years. The idea was to attract young and old, who love make-up, Pakistan's female population.

His Facebook pen has a huge influx of comments, inquiries, announcements as well as make-up tips and tricks. The challenge was huge because we needed to promote the brand without using human faces! We overcame many of the benefits by touching consumers

One page has only grown formally and continues to grow. Point Blank has increased store sales and online sales by more than 300% over the past 2.5 years.

3.     Luscious Cosmetics:

Luscious was founded to make high-quality cosmetics at affordable prices, but without compromising on ingredients or ethics. They specialize in each product, keeping in mind that you get the best ingredients to make clean, safe, skin-loving cosmetics from certified suppliers around the world that look after your skin. Complete the maintenance.

The key developers are highly talented women who love makeup as much as you do, using advanced research and safety testing protocols while maintaining brilliant, signature colors and performance.

As a women's indie brand, they're passionate about creating easy-to-use, functional products that you want to use every day. Lipsticks that moisturize and care for the lips, powders that balance oil and glow, spray with skincare nutrients to enhance your makeup skills, And all of this, never misses our ultimate goal: confidence, glamor, satisfaction! 

4.     Bare + Epitome:

bare + EPITOME is a range of 100% natural, organic and halal products, specially formulated to achieve the beneficial properties of nature and natural ingredients in the form of marine minerals, fruits, and plants.

Every product contains the perfect blend needed to maintain the health and freshness of your body/skin because you are beautiful. To create a handmade product from around the world using natural and organic ingredients that emphasize your natural beauty, because we believe you are beautiful in every way.

Launched by Rabia and Nada, Bare + EPITOME believe in preserving the best things offered by nature, rejuvenating skincare and beauty. Our reasoning is simple; Skincare is the easiest way to long-term health, confidence, and youth.

All of the products are handmade and made from the natural and organic ingredients of plants and food, as well as pure essential oils that help you celebrate yourself and your beauty while taking care of your health and integrity. 

5.     Zhoosh Official:

The official Zoosh is famous for its mink eyelashes, which are light and comfortable. Zoosh is also famous for its dramatic and colorful makeup that can be used.

From parties to weddings to regular Sundays to any occasion, from eyebrow pencil/marker, cream foundation to lipsticks - Zoosh always has everything! Zoosh is an example of a leading growing best makeup brands in Pakistan that sells premium cosmetics. 

6.     Alezem Beauty

Alezem Beauty is known for its flawless design and exceptional workmanship. Our mink lashes are handmade using the finest mink hair, with each strand individually selected to create the world's most luxurious natural lashes. All the best makeup products are guaranteed to be the best for your health and beauty.

7.     Masarrat Misbah:

In 2014, renowned Pakistani businessman Musarat Misbah decided to start his own cosmetics Brand of the same name, and thus Musarat Misbah Makeup (MM Makeup) was created.

It is the first certified halal beauty brand in Pakistan and is based on all-natural and halal ingredients. Musarat Misbah Cosmetics are available in Pakistan at affordable prices.

Musarat Misbach, a Pakistani philanthropist, beauty entrepreneur, and internationally renowned cosmetologist, needs no introduction. Thanks to Depilex, its successful salon business spanning more than 4 decades and spanning more than 70 salons across the country, Musarat is one of the pioneers of the beauty industry revolution in Pakistan.

Following the success of her salon business, Musarat decided to launch cosmetics designed specifically for Pakistani skin tones. Find all products on Shopsey or read on to see the best Musarrat Misbah cosmetics available online.

8.     Serenical Beauty:

Serenical Beauty is a new brand that is slowly gaining ground in the makeup industry. It belongs to Nabeezi Wasif, who was a student when she founded the brand. They do not yet offer a wide range of products and sell only shades and lighters, but the quality of many of the products they sell is excellent!

Bloggers like Bismillah Khan, Ayman Zafar, Rimsha Khan testified that these products are not only of high quality but also very light and natural on the skin. Serenity Beauty uses all-natural ingredients to create the perfect organic makeup that will not only damage your skin but also rejuvenate it. It is also a 100% durable brand, and all cosmetics are sold in plastic-free packaging.

9.     Rivaj UK:

SJS International was founded in 1978 and has since been a leading importer and distributor of cosmetics in the region with over 40 years of professional experience in beauty, cosmetics, and health products.

Thier mission is to provide the highest Best Makeup products at affordable prices to meet the needs of end-users. The most important thing for SJS International is to be innovative and strive for the best performance, which builds a strong customer relationship.

Rivaj UK itself is a manufacturing cosmetics brand owned by SJS International, which was established in August 2008 to provide quality home cosmetics to all consumers.

10.    BBA By Salman:

Salman, Salman's BBA driving force, is the sole pioneer and inspiration of the company's concept. Belonging to the cosmetics industry, Suleiman has over 15 years of experience advising various companies on ingredients, market positioning, packaging, and branding. Salman was at work and, first and foremost, paving the way for a successful brand.

He has been dealing with makeup clients for over ten years and knows what works in the market and what trends/methods are old. A professional makeup brush is one of the best creations under the guidance of BBA, which will meet the needs of beginners, from the finest touches of professionals, it contains everything.

The sole purpose of the BBA is to ensure that everyone, whether male or female, deserves access to quality cosmetics/skincare products at a reasonable price.

11.    Zay Beauty:

Zee Beauty is a modern cosmetics brand that strives to make makeup "pleasant" and "light". The brand promises to provide the highest quality fashion cosmetics on a limited budget. "I firmly believe that every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful and confident."

MOD SKOT Eye Shadow Palette is the first eye shadow palette offered by Zainab.

12.    Organic Traveller:

Of course, make-up is interesting, but no one should neglect skincare. Organic Traveler will make sure to cover Pakistani women.

When it comes to skincare, it has exceeded all expectations. Their products are 100% organic and there is no harm in them.

Their popular moisturizing serums "Clear" and "Quinch" are ideal for oily and dry skin, respectively. They give the skin a natural glow, reduce the appearance of acne scars and even reduce the color of the skin.

The list of products is constantly growing. However, they have gained a lot of fans on social media thanks to the extraordinary results.